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Thank you for visiting Tammie's website. She is currently completing revisions on Moonlight, Mugwort and Murder, the first in a series of mystery novels based on the character Runa Bishop. 






And the WINNER is...

Tammie's story "The Deer Tender" won first place in the Women on Writing Spring 2018 Flash Fiction Contest. 

Congratulations to all the talented writers recognized by the contest judges.

What an honor!

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Fund Raising for Your Writing Group? Host a Silent Auction

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The silent auction is a fundraising classic, but classic doesn’t have to mean stuffy and boring. You know the drill, the organization in need lays a bunch of random donations out on a table; people bid for them on a sign-up sheet. At the end of the event, the highest bidder wins. Pay up, thanks for your money, now take home your basket of wine and dry crackers.


We can do better.


I recently volunteered to organize a silent auction for San Luis Obispo NightWriters (SLONW), a writing organization of which I am a member. SLONW is a smallish group that depends largely on modest membership fees to cover its costs which include monthly meetings featuring a variety of speakers, an annual writing contest and other events. Though I’ve helped organize fundraisers before, I am especially determined for this auction to be a financial success. Many of the members are my friends and deserve to reap the rewards fuller coffers would bring. I’ve done a bit of research to help me do the best job possible, and gee I hate to keep good research to myself.


Soliciting Donations for a Silent Auction: The Job No One Wants


If you’re even a little bit of an introvert, calling people you don’t know to ask for things is a painful experience. Like, I’d-really-rather-go-to-the-dentist level of painful. Technology to the rescue! Thanks to email and social media, your first contact with a potential donor doesn’t have to be face-to-face or even voice-to-voice. Soliciting from the comfort of my home has made the process not only more emotionally tolerable, but much more convenient. For less stress, start gathering donations six to eight weeks before the event.


My recommended steps:


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