T.J. writes in many genres. She currently has two non-fiction books and one short story available.

Writing Wild: Crafting the Pagan Memoir

A workbook, a short-course on memoir and an encouraging friend all in one, Writing Wild was created especially for new writers and non-writers who identify with an earth-based spiritual path. T.J. combines writing assignments and prompts with suggestions for personal ritual, guided meditations and other exercises to help budding memoirists connect with their written story on a deeper level. There are many books available on the craft of memoir writing, but Writing Wild is unique; it’s practical, approachable and magical.


Do you have to be a Pagan to write a Pagan memoir? No, but it can’t hurt.


Writing Wild is available in print and ebook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

The Ones Who Dance Alone: Full Moon Celebrations for the Solitary Witch

There are many advantages to being a solitary witch, but one of the challenges is coming up with new ideas for a monthly full-moon celebration. The Ones Who Dance Alone is written to inspire both newcomers to the Goddess path and those who've been dancing on it for many years. This informative short book is filled with ritual ideas to strengthen connections to the lunar cycles even if you don't have the opportunity to observe your full-moon rites outdoors.


The Ones Who Dance Alone is available on Kindle.

Zombie Cats: A Semi-True Tale of Horror

When Winkie the mild-mannered tabby cat witnesses a gruesome murder the night before Halloween he brings home more than a speck of dried blood on his ear. And what he brings, his 27 feline housemates do not want to share. His person, Eva, is too busy trying to prevent
neighborhood vandals from pulling another nasty trick on her this Hallows Eve
to notice Winkie's unusual behavior - until it's too late that is.

Zombie Cats: A Semi-True Tale of Horror is a humorous short story with an edge of horror, or a short horror story with an edge of humor. Much depends on how you feel about cats as zombies.


Zombe Cats is available on Kindle.