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Merry Lammas--Practicing Gratitude

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Blessed is the wheat.

It’s Lammas, and I’m imagining how Runa and her crew would be planning to celebrate. I will spend most of the day hiding inside an air-conditioned home trying not to curse the scorching 107 degrees of soul-wilting heat beating on every window. Lammas is a day to honor the sun, after all. To give thanks for the summer harvest of wheat and other grains that were once vital to human survival, not to complain about the sunshine.

Runa and her witchy friends from #MoonlightMugwortandMurder would probably meet at dusk on the beach on some hidden wash of sand known only to the locals, somewhere they could build a ritual fire to represent the life-giving force of the sun. Even with a fire, they’d pull their cloaks and jackets and shawls tight around their bodies to guard against the chilling breeze blowing off the sea. Oh what I’d give for a breath of that cold wind!

Or maybe they’d meet at Ivy’s cottage to drink healing teas and make corn dollies to symbolize their gratitude for the abundance Mother Earth provides at this time of year. No doubt they would share a crusty loaf of peasant bread, giving each other a simple #Lammas blessing as they passed the plate and a chalice filled with grape juice around their circle. May you never hunger, sister. May you never thirst.

Is it crazy to be jealous of characters you’ve created? I am, a little. Jealous of the bonds I see them weaving, and that every day their lives are scored by the magical sound of waves crashing over shore.

But I will have my own sunny day, my own Lammas blessings. At the very least I’ll light a special candle I save for harvest celebrations and take a moment to give thanks for all I’ve gathered this summer. I’ll tear a chunk from a good loaf of sourdough bread, generously spread it with butter and chew slowly to enjoy the tangy-sour-creamy flavors of it all.

Whatever you are #givingthanks

for today, I wish you a Merry Lammas. May you never hunger. May you never thirst.


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